Iris Gallery:

Probably each of us store the most bright and joyful memories of the childhood deep down our hearts. This is the fairy-tale world, where we release our inner child, even for a short time. So sincere, uncompromising. We believe in the goodness and justice, the elves and fairies as well as the guardian angels.
«IRIS GALLERY». The tale embodied in our lives ... Imagine the wonderful country of flowers. This is the world of magic and natural harmony, inspiration and positive, the world where everything is possible, where the most cherished dreams come true!
Flowers, such as iris, roses, lilies, eustomy are everywhere - on curvy hats, boxes, candlesticks. Beautiful laces, napkins, shawls ...
Irina Ignatenko - the one who made this fairy tale happen. She is an amazing creative person, designer, talented artist, the author of the idea for these decoration items.
As a result of her work the ordinary objects are transformed and converted into a small miracle. Each thing becomes unique and unrepeatable. But the important thing is that Irina does not just make things. She puts a piece of his soul, filling our complex world with harmony, warmth and light. The magical world of Iris Gallery brings happiness to our homes. Each Irina's work is individually created and implemented.
There's no lack of professionals nowadays. But Irina's works are filled with tenderness, comfort and harmony, the energy of light and goodness! No wonder, because she is this kind of person. The items presented in the Iris Gallery, are only of natural materials. The highest quality from the best manufacturers of Italy, France, USA.
Give yourself a holiday! Surround yourself with funny little things, without which the life is so dim! All these things: boxes, napkin holders, decorated chests, stones, flowers of extraordinary beauty are so needed to be surrounded with.
Let the love always stay your hearts, in your souls, in your homes...